Exclusive: The Trailer for Luca Guadagnino’s New Film, The Staggering Girl

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The Staggering Girl Luca Guadagnino Valentino short film
The Staggering Girl, 2019(Film still)

Premiering exclusively on AnOthermag.com, watch the trailer for The Staggering Girl, a collaboration between Luca Guadagnino and Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli, starring Julianne Moore and Mia Goth

The Staggering Girl is a forthcoming short film from the director behind Call Me by Your Name and the 2018 remake of horror classic Suspiria, Luca Guadagnino. Starring Julianne Moore, Kyle MacLachlan, Kiki Layne and former AnOther cover star Mia Goth, among others, the film follows Francesca (Moore), a writer attempting to complete her memoir, as she travels from New York to Rome to see her elderly mother Sofia (Marthe Keller, played in flashbacks by Goth).

The Staggering Girl is a collaboration with Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli – who also serves as producer – and is described in the opening credits as “based on” the Italian house’s haute couture. The film’s costumes are opulent: Moore, Goth and Layne wear colourful, billowing gowns as we trace Francesca’s journey through writer’s block in New York and confronting memories in Rome.

Speaking at Cannes Film Festival in 2019, where The Staggering Girl premiered, Guadagnino said of his collaboration with Piccioli: “This is the very first time working with a creator of fashion, that I sourced the ideas from fashion to make a movie, and not the other way around.”

Ahead of The Staggering Girl’s release on MUBI in February, watch the first trailer for the film below.

The Staggering Girl will be released worldwide on MUBI on February 15, 2020.