Buy a Photo From Your Favourite Photographer to Support the Trussell Trust

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© Vinca Petersen, via Photographs for the Trussell Trust

140 photographers are taking part in Photographs for the Trussell Trust, a photographic print sale raising urgent funds for the charity

Something positive to have emerged out of the ongoing horrors of the coronavirus pandemic is the way that fashion – and the creative arts more widely – has responded to the crisis. Here in the UK, the nation’s emerging designers – many of whom are battling to keep their businesses afloat – have banded together to create PPE for doctors and nurses on the frontline.

Today, another initiative has launched: Photographs for the Trussell Trust – a photographic print sale raising urgent funds for the charity, which provides emergency food and support to people in crisis, running 1,200 – or two-thirds – of British food banks.

The sale has been organised by Alexandra Lesse, a photographer; Bianca Raggi, a stylist; and Simon Rogers, a graphic designer, who were inspired by two similar initiatives in Italy and the US.

“We thought it was important to try and bring the UK creative community together in this time of crisis,” says Rogers. “We were inspired by the monumental success of the Italian 100 Fotografi per Bergamo initiative and the American Pictures for Elmhurst – both in terms of the communities they brought together and the funds they raised. We realised we had the ability to make something similar happen here.”

And that’s exactly what they’ve done: they have brought together an impressive roster of over 140 photographers including legendary image-makers such as Mark Borthwick, Martin Parr and Jeremy Deller, and rising stars like Jack Davison, Chris Rhodes, Senta Simond, who have contributed to AnOther Magazine. On sale from today, every print is priced at £100, with all proceeds going directly to the Trussell Trust.

Sadly, the need for funding is dire. Before the pandemic, over 14 million people in the UK were living in poverty, and now the situation is only getting worse. In some areas, food bank usage is up by 300 per cent, the demand soaring each week. Which is why the work of the Trussell Trust is so vital.

Photographs for the Trussell Trust is online from April 27 – May 6, 2020. All proceeds to the Trussell Trust.