Pictures for Elmhurst: Buy a Photo to Help New York’s Busiest Hospital

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Photography by Brianna Capozzi, via Pictures for Elmhurst

The online sale Pictures for Elmhurst – which runs until April 20 – has been set up to raise funds for Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, and features photographs by the likes of Brianna Capozzi, Drew Jarrett, Justine Kurland and Tyler Mitchell

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Almost 100 New York-based photographers have come together to raise funds for one of the city’s busiest Covid-19 treatment centres, Elmhurst Hospital in Queens. Of New York City’s five boroughs, Queens has been the hardest hit by the pandemic, and Elmhurst is its busiest hospital. Pictures for Elmhurst has been set up in support of the hard-working hospital, and sees 96 prints by New York image-makers available to buy for $150, with proceeds going towards equipment for the wards and frontline workers.

The sale provides an opportunity to help those working to treat those suffering with Covid-19 by buying a beautiful photograph (each priced at $150, 8.5 x 11 inches and printed by Griffin Editions, Brooklyn). The 96 names featured in Pictures for Elmhurst are some of the most exciting image-makers working today: Drew Jarrett (whose photograph is of a young Kate Moss in the 90s), Eva O’Leary, Justine Kurland, Hart Lëshinka, Josh Olins, Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Mark Borthwick, Sara Cwynar and more. Many of the photographers have also contributed to AnOther Magazine and Another Man for previous issues, like Sam Rock, Brianna Capozzi (whose photograph is of Chloë Sevigny), Ethan James Green, Yelena Yemchuk, Tyler Mitchell, Vincent van de Wijngaard, Max Farago and Daniel Shea.

Organised by six New York-based creatives – Samantha Casolari, Jody Rogac, Vittoria Cerciello, Stefan Dufgran, Matthew Booth, Eliona Cela and Shayna McClelland – Pictures for Elmhurst is a direct response to the damaging effects of Covid-19. “Longtime Elmhurst clinicians state they have never seen anything like it – comparing today’s situation to ‘being at war’,” reads a statement from the hospital published on the Pictures for Elmhurst website. “The Pictures For Elmhurst project adds desperately needed supplies for those on the front lines fighting this virus. It is inspiring to know that such talented photographers and artists ‘have our back’ and are keeping our staff and community in mind during this terribly difficult time.”

Pictures for Elmhurst runs until April 20, 2020.