Zoe Whitfield

Zoe Whitfield is a writer based in London

A Brixton Tale - 3
Design & LivingNew Film A Brixton Tale Explores Race, Consent and Content in London
PIG Nicolas Cage
Design & LivingAlex Wolff on Pigs, Revenge and Working With Nicolas Cage
The Nest 2020 film Jude Law Carrie Coon
Design & LivingThe Story of The Nest, Sean Durkin’s Unsettling 80s Family Drama
90. Photo Chr. Geisnës_Wildland_Stills_6861
Design & LivingFear, Trauma and Family Ties: The Story of Dark New Danish Drama, Wildland
Limbo 2020 film
Design & LivingLimbo, an Offbeat Comedy About the Refugee Experience
Sadie Catt_Alice in the Bath
Art & PhotographyIn Pictures: 40 Years of British Youth
Design & LivingSweat: The Gruelling Reality of Life as a Social Media Influencer
Shiva Baby, 2020
Design & LivingWhy Director Emma Seligman Made Shiva Baby for Young Bisexual Women
Some Kind of Heaven, 2021
Design & LivingThe Dark Side of Florida’s Most Famous Retirement Community
APPLES by Christos Nikou_3@Bartosz Swiniarski
Design & LivingGreek Film Apples Imagines a Pandemic ... of Amnesia
No Hard Feelings, 2020
Design & LivingA Love Story Set at the Intersection of Queerness and Immigration