Alayo Akinkugbe

Alayo Akinkugbe is a writer and the curator of the Instagram account A Black History of Art

Frida Orupabo, Things I saw at night
Art & PhotographyFrida Orupabo, the Artist Reconfiguring Colonial Legacies Through Collage
Howardena Pindell, Free, White and 21, 1980 U-mat
Art & PhotographyHowardena Pindell: “The Racism in the Art World Drove Me Out”
Colourful Realm by Kehinde Wiley
Art & PhotographyKehinde Wiley: “My Figures Demand to Be Taken Seriously”
Art & PhotographyAntwaun Sargent’s New Black Vanguard Exhibition Arrives in London
Afternoon’s Darkness by Somaya Critchlow Maximillian William
Art & PhotographySomaya Critchlow, the Artist Reconfiguring the Black Female Nude
Nick Cave
Art & PhotographyIn the Black Fantastic: Nick Cave & Ekow Eshun in Conversation