This Face Mask Will Change Your Life

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Photography, Concept, Set Design by Mirka Laura Severa

Dr Sebagh’s deep exfoliating treatment is the peach-tinted paste that, applied twice a week, will reveal a ‘brand new you’

TextHannah TindlePhotographyMirka Laura SeveraPhotographic EditorHolly Hay

Deep exfoliating mask, Dr Sebagh


The skin is the largest organ of the body, so it’s no surprise that it reflects more about our lifestyle than we would care to admit. Complexion looking a little pallid of late? The culprit is most likely the extra couple of cigarettes you’ve been smoking to combat stressful days in the office. Blotchy and dry? A telltale sign of too many late nights drinking espresso martinis, rather than ample amounts of rest and rehydration.

Of course, there are pharmaceutical means of concealing such behaviour – make-up covers a multitude of sins and dark circles – but the fact remains that nothing beats a good skincare regime to counteract the effects of unhealthy habits. This peach-tinted exfoliating mask by Dr. Sebagh will lift away more than just dead skin cells; its twice weekly application results in a life-changing glow that will fool everyone into thinking you’ve taken up bikram yoga and a plant-based diet. A ‘brand new you’ can be achieved in the space of ten minutes, it seems.

 Hair and Make-up by Kathinka Gernant at Unspoken Agency, Model Sylvia van der Klooster at Paparazzi Models