Blissful Escapism and a Photographic Trip to Marseille

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Courtesy of Jacquemus

Simon Porte Jacquemus and his many collaborators present an idyllic vision of his south of France hometown

There is something exquisitely personal about Simon Porte Jacquemus’ work. Invariably paying tribute to his Provence roots and beloved homeland, the designer’s lust for a beachfront lifestyle always has us dreaming of summer. Suitably, then, Jacquemus’ first publication, which is entitled Marseille Je t’aime and was created to accompany his exhibition in the south of France, is a showcase of the infinite references and inspiration he finds in his native city. The book sees Jacquemus collaborate with 15 artists, including Pierre-Ange Carlotti, Agathe Zaerpour, Ruth van Beek, Philippine Chaumont and David Luraschi, on their respective interpretations of Marseille’s distinctive character.

Even if you’ve never been, flipping through the pages of Marseille je t’aime feels like an act of reminiscence; it is an intimate look at the city and all the elements which have sparked and fostered Jacquemus’ creative vision. From panoramic photographs of the designer lying lost in a sea of clothes in a field, to Pierre-Ange Carlotti’s luscious intertwining of landscape and nude photography, the book exudes a desire to get lost in the city and its surrounding natural beauty.

His collaborators’ respective contributions explore and expand on Jacquemus’ love for his hometown by looking anew at the elements which have defined him. Such pieces include photographs and paintings of the clay figurines local to the area, which inspired the designer’s S/S17 Les Santons de Provence collection; close-up portraits of Marseillais locals, capturing the apparent bliss of life in the city; the sun, the sea, and a wicker basket full of fresh tomatoes. Marseille je t’aime indeed.