The Missoni Bathrobe That Will Cure Your Hangover

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Photography, concept and set design by Mirka Laura Severa

The Italian house's super soft zigzag cotton robe is the ultimate remedy for the morning after

TextHannah TindlePhotographyMirka Laura SeveraPhotographic EditorHolly Hay

Towelling Robe, Missoni

100% cotton 

There are numerous procedures one can undertake to recover after a big night out, and some are more orthodox than others. While many swear by consuming further alcoholic beverages, or the infamous Prairie Oyster cocktail (containing raw eggs and tomato juice), others claim the only technique to cure their chemically induced woes is consuming a large plate of fried food washed down with pickle juice. 

Whether such unpalatable hangover cures possess any potency whatsoever is up for debate. But one thing universally understood to be a successful remedy is a light stroll in the fresh air followed by a hot shower and an afternoon in bed sleeping off your pounding head – and we say there is no better garment to snooze the agony away in than this Missoni towelling bathrobe complete with signature multicoloured chevron design. Forget paracetamol: luxury loungewear is obviously the best painkiller of all.

Hair and make-up Kathinka Gernant at Unspoken Agency; Model Sylvia van der Klooster at Paparazzi Models