A Study of Style Details at Dover Street Market

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Photography by Alexander Coggin

Alexander Coggin took to the shop floor last Thursday to capture his customary collarbone shots, to extraordinary effect

TextMaisie SkidmorePhotographyAlexander CogginPhotographic EditorHolly Hay

Alexander Coggin has an eye for the finer details, from the glint of a gold chain nestled in a tangle of chest hair in the deep V of an unbuttoned shirt, to the bejewelled eye in a string of pearls, peeking out unblinking from beneath a gingham blazer. And thank God he does – his photographs of the guests to various events, be that London’s annual edition of Frieze Art Fair or the many various attendees to fill Dover Street Market on the occasion of its Photo London-themed Open House last Thursday, as shown here, paint an eclectic and utterly enchanting portrait of any given guestlist.

So, how much can you tell about somebody from the crook of their neck to the angle of their shoulder? A lot actually, it seems, and in this characteristically broad bunch all subcategories are covered, hobnobbing about, champagne in hand, among the finery of Dover Street Market’s brilliant stands. And if you can hazard a guess to the VIPs – whether London’s best-loved fashion designers or most-loyal attendees – bonus points to you.