Pamela Anderson on Searching for Prince Charming

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Pamela is wearing a pinstripe virgin wool suit jacket by Vivienne Westwood Man

“I feel like maybe when I find him, I won’t want him anymore”: The actress and activist talks fairytale romance

“I’m obsessed with Prince Charming in The Bluebird fairytale. He is turned into a bluebird and goes to the tower and buys the imprisoned princess gifts. It’s a really beautiful story. Prince Charming is every woman’s romantic ideal of what a man would be. As a child you start looking for that. I haven’t found my prince charming, I’m still looking. I’ve had glimpses. I feel like maybe when I find him, I won’t want him anymore – the chase is part of the fun, it’s about just being brave, like jumping off the edge or showing up in places. There’s a fine line between chasing someone and stalking! So you gotta take that chance and try not to be creepy about it, and be respectful. I teach my boys that, that it’s a dance, and that’s part of the fun. I have bluebird paintings, bluebird pictures, bluebird things — I always take it to another level.”

There are many striking things about Pamela Anderson – her looks, her laugh, her lucidity discussing anything from the desensitising dangers of pornography, to the benefits of veganism or why WikiLeaks is so important. She is loaded with opinions and self-belief, which – to her irritation – surprises people. Anderson likes to play, whether that’s David LaChapelle throwing glitter over her in her Malibu home, or climbing rocky Greek mountains in high heels with Vivienne Westwood. It’s this love for living that makes her role as an activist easy to understand – she cares deeply about prolonging the life of the planet, for it to be enjoyed by people for years to come.

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This article originally appears in AnOther Magazine S/S17.