A Contemporary Take on the Proverbial Rose-Tinted Glasses

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Sunnies HR PollyBrown1
Photography by Polly Brown

These soft pink shades by Scottish eyewear brand Tens will brighten up the outlook of pessimists and hedonists alike

TextLaura Jordan PhotographyPolly BrownPhotographic EditorHolly Hay

Cleo Sunglasses, Tens

Optical-grade Italian acetate, Japanese wire frame, strong five-barrel gold hinge, signature tinted lens

For the more cynically inclined among us, witnessing unshakeable optimism in others rouses feelings of bewilderment, frustration, boredom and even disdain. Always look on the bright side of life? You’re more likely to find us sceptics scowling under a black cloud, thank you very much. But you know what they say – if you can’t beat them (which you can’t, of course; the eternal optimist is an indefatigable creature), join them.

Rule number one to faking a cheerier disposition: Change your look to change your outlook. That’s an undertaking less groan-inducing than it sounds thanks to Scottish eyewear brand Tens, which has brought to life the proverbial pair of rose-tinted spectacles. A contemporary, chunkier take on achingly glamorous cat-eye sunglasses, the Cleo will please pessimists and hedonists alike.

Oversized enough to hide the signs of up-all-night raucousness, this feline frame comes in a soft, Beverly Hills Hotel-style pink (certainly it’s not hard to imagine wearing them poolside there, half-full cocktail glass in hand). But it’s the lenses and not their frames which gives these sunnies their real power: the bespoke tint works with natural sunlight, bathing the world around you in a warm and, dare we say, nostalgic shade. Kind of like an Instagram filter for real life.