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Photography, concept and set design by Mirka Laura Severa

A Sparkly Silver Bodysuit Made for the Disco Era

Inject a dose of Studio 54 into your wardrobe with Pinko’s lurex silver leotard

TextHannah TindlePhotographyMirka Laura SeveraPhotographic EditorHolly Hay
Lead ImagePhotography, concept and set design by Mirka Laura Severa

Fine-rib lurex bodysuit, Pinko

Viscose 70% Polyamide 15% Polyester 15% 

The story goes that one New Years Eve at Studio 54, the New York nightclub synonymous with the height of disco, a four-inch layer of glitter was strewn on the floor for platform-clad guests to dance upon. The owner of the club described it as “standing on stardust,” and months later, partygoers were still finding flecks of sparkle in their clothing and their homes.

The nightclub was famously only open for 33 months, but during that time played host to a dazzling clientele, from the likes of Donna Summer and Jerry Hall to Grace Jones and Pat Cleveland. If we had a time machine and were able to choose a moment in history to revisit, a party at the infamous club circa 1977 would make our top ten – and it goes without saying that we would do so wearing this silver lurex bodysuit from Pinko, paired with high-waisted jeans and gargantuan hoop earrings. D.I.S.C.O.!