Breaking Fashion Rules with Bally's Statement Earrings

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Styling by Rebecca Perlmutar

Wearing silver and gold together used to be the ultimate fashion faux pas – but Bally breaks the rules this season with a pair of achingly chic earrings

TextHannah TindlePhotographyDavid AbrahamsPhotographic EditorHolly Hay

Earrings, Bally

100% Plated Brass

The unofficial fashion rulebook is filled to the brim with regulations which have been instilled in our sartorial psyche. To break one of these sacrosanct instructions would be enough to ensure that we are banished to the furthest corner of society, lest we should cause aesthetic offence through, say, combining navy and black, wearing socks with sandals, doubling up on denim or mixing silver jewellery with gold. Bally’s achingly chic statement earrings cast the out-dated fashion bible aside, suspending a utilitarian silver drop from a circular gold stud. Wear yours with minimalist, linear ensembles for remarkably chic impact – or alternatively, channel the power of the 1980s by piling on yet more amalgamated colours and textures. After all, who ever got noticed by sticking to the guidelines?