The Outdoor Clothing Brand Offering a Glimpse of Eden

Eden is a place on earth – just north of Salt Lake City, in fact – and it creates a breathtaking mountainous backdrop for Woolrich’s latest campaign

In a remote corner of Utah, just north of Salt Lake City, you will find Eden. This magical place sits nestled in a verdant valley between Snowbasin resort and Powder Mountain, and with a population of around one thousand inhabitants and not one traffic light to be found, it really is a slice of heaven on Earth. In winter the idyllic spot is dusted in thick layers of powdery snow, while in summer it transforms into a lush arcadia, the desert sun beating down upon its aspen and pine forests and glistening lakes.

In the mid-19th century, the Mormon pioneers wended their way across the area’s rocky mountain passes in search of a home, and now, over 150 years later, it has attracted a new community of pioneering spirits, from philanthropists to young visionaries, who are using it as the foundation for a reimagined concept of small-town America. Spearheading the movement is Jeff Rosenthal, co-founder of Summit, a global company dedicated to cultivating entrepreneurship and supporting creative endeavours. In 2013, Summit purchased 10,000 acres on Eden’s Powder Mountain with a view to “building a town dedicated to these generational ideals of creativity, collaboration, and positive independence” – as Rosenthal explains.

Rosenthal and various other members of the Eden community – including Swedish fashion designer Andrea Westerlind, Pete Rasmussen and Kati Graney, owners of the area’s organic Sandhill Farm, and Sam and Michael Arthur, the brothers behind vintage dirt bike tour company Hideout Riders Club – are the stars of Woolrich’s Spring/Summer 2017 campaign. Shot by photographer and creative director Ryan Willms, alongside an evocative, three-part film series, it is a joyous homage to outdoor living.

The diverse yet likeminded protagonists, captured wading in rivers, frolicking in sunflower fields, and roaming the area’s sun-scorched terrain, perfectly embody the free-spirited attitude that inspired the American outerwear company’s latest collection. From the clean-cut, lightweight Rudder Jacket sported by Rosenthal in a subtly camo-embossed olive green, through the Prescott Parka in a chic sandy cream, worn by Westerlind, to the covetable GTX Summer Mountain Jacket, a minimalist descendent of the first, innovative Gore-Tex® Mountain Jacket, donned by the Arthurs in navy and deep green. A match made in Eden, one might say.

The Woolrich S/S17 collection is available to buy now.