Our New Favourite Lip Gloss, Courtesy of Chanel

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Styling by Rebecca Perlmutar

Lucia Pica has successfully revived the shiny pout of our teenage years, but this time there is no risk of getting your hair stuck in its sheen

TextOlivia SingerPhotographyDavid AbrahamsPhotographic EditorHolly Hay

Rouge Coco Gloss, Chanel

Moisturising glossimer, Rose Pulpe, Amuse Bouche 

Many a teenage memory includes the presence of a sticky, shiny lip gloss; at my school, Lip Smackers were the brand of choice (unless you lucked out and someone bought you a Juicy Tube for your birthday). It had to be reapplied almost constantly throughout the day because its effect only lasted about 15 minutes, but that was a good thing considering that your hair would repeatedly get stuck in its tacky sheen – and also because applying lip gloss on the backseat of the bus, or during an R.E. lesson, felt like the epitome of fabulous womanhood.

Now, Chanel is reprising the glossy allure of such a product while swerving its irritating side-effects with Rouge Coco Gloss: a range of lip glosses which not only come in every shade under the sun, but which have been created to last, and to avoid the conventional stickiness ordinarily associated with such a product (an effect achieved through employing a blend of coconut oil with jojoba, sunflower and mimosa wax). They have successfully revived our interest in a lacquered sheen; no longer exclusively reserved for the Hiltons, it is finally both fashionable and practical. Our favourites: the vampy, purplish Décadent, the translucent Melting Honey or Rose Pulpe (seen above). But, given the choice, we’d take the lot.