The Astronomical Appeal of Molly Goddard x Topshop’s Boots

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Styling by Rebecca Perlmutar

Crafted from silver leather and good enough to inspire anti-gravitational excursions, we examine the pair of boots suited to cosmonauts and fashion fanatics alike

TextHannah TindlePhotographic EditorHolly HayPhotographyDavid Abrahams

Knee Boots by Molly Goddard x Topshop

100% leather, rounded toe, no heel, silver finish

In 1963, the first woman in space – Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova (also affectionately referred to as “Yuri Gagarin in a skirt”) – orbited the earth 48 times inside the Vostok 6 capsule over two days, 22 hours and 50 minutes. During her journey, she overcame several setbacks, including bouts of extreme nausea, which were exacerbated by the fact that she had unfortunately forgotten to pack her toothbrush. Tereshkova’s bad luck continued, for after being ejected from the capsule back into our atmosphere, a high wind abruptly blew her ashore causing a painful collision between her nose and space helmet. During the cosmonaut’s first public appearance post-crash landing, she was caked in heavy makeup by the Russian TV crew in order to disguise any nasal bruising, causing much distress over the way this conflicted with her image as a good communist worker girl.

If Tereshkova was embarking on her voyage into the stratospheres today and subsequently making a television debut afterwards, there is undoubtedly only one thing she would wear for the occasion: this pair of silver leather boots by Molly Goddard x Topshop. Unashamedly flat and reminiscent of a cowskin wellington, they are practically perfect for ploughing the Soviet fields or indeed, walking on the moon. We should mention, however, that they would also be more than appropriate for traipsing the long and arduous journey between Topshop’s Oxford Street Store and Dover Street Market on a busy Saturday afternoon, for those inclined towards an existence that is a little more down-to-earth.

Model Angelina Jesson at Premier Models.