River Phoenix’s Fictional Christmas List

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The festive fantasy comes to an end with Another Man’s final round-up of presents for the poster-boy of grunge

Christmas is almost upon us! And with it, the inevitable conclusion of Another Man’s Fantasy Advent Calendar, which closes for the year by paying homage to icon of the early 90s, River Phoenix. His festive wishlist would no doubt resemble the following: River’s parents named him after the 'river of life' (a symbol of spiritual discovery in the Hermann Hesse novel Siddhartha), so a pair of thick-rimmed Prada glasses would certainly reflect his literary roots and penchant for bookish eyewear. Hailing from a notoriously free-spirited family, River taught himself guitar at the age of five, and he and his sister Rain would perform for passers-by on the streets of Venezuela – so Another Man pictures the actor unwrapping a Navajo Blanket by Jessie Western with fondness, as a nod toward his childhood spent busking in South America. A pair of Vans high-tops and a bracelet woven from frayed pieces of tweed by Lanvin allude to his status as a poster-boy of grunge; and to finish off the festivities, a light spritzing of Gypsy Water by Byredo (because we can all surely agree that it's a scent like no other).

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