Fendi's Perfectly Festive HypnoShine Sunglasses

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Styling by Matt Holmes

Essential ski equipment or post-office party cover-up? We consider the seasonless charm of Fendi's fabulous cat-eye

TextOlivia SingerPhotographyTina TyrellPhotographic EditorHolly Hay

Fendi Colour-Blocked Wave Stripe Cat Eye Sunglasses

Metal, blue-tinted lenses, adjustable nose pads

To covet a pair of sunglasses at this time of year might appear anachronistic, so slim are the chances of the sun making any notable appearance during the brief hours of daylight. However, those preparing for a ski-trip sojourn might find solace from snow-blindness in this pair of Fendi HypnoShine sunglasses – and those of us less fortunate can use them to conceal festive exhaustion. In fact, during the season of office parties and abundant eggnog, extravagant eyewear might be a key component to upholding a sense of professionalism – and far easier applied than a bit of concealer on the commute.

Necessity aside, this pair of glasses – decorated with the same hypnotic, gravitational waves which undulated throughout Fendi's A/W16 collection – are the sort that Christmas morning dreams are made of: put them under someone's tree, and prepare for a season of good will to follow. Essentially, their presence in one's life means that all festive (and, of course, accessory-related) bases are covered, making for a very merry Christmas indeed.

Set Design Julia Wagner; Set Assistant Marcs Marcus; All clothing Horizons Vintage Brooklyn