Paco Rabanne's Space-Age Go-Go Boots

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AnOther A/W16Styling by Agata Belcen

Julien Dossena ushers 1960s style into a new era of footwear

High Scratch Moon Boots, Paco Rabanne

100% nappa lambskin, white

Nancy Sinatra knew the power of good boots – so much so that she seamlessly inserted the white patent leather go-go style into pop culture’s hall of fame, as well as the wardrobes of miniskirt-wearing girls such as Mad Men’s Sally Draper. The key to the boots’ success, especially in the Swinging 60s, was that they were all about the leg, providing a sartorial grounding for the acres of skin on show. Paco Rabanne was arguably one of French fashion’s nouvelle vague who ushered in the style, alongside André Courrèges and Pierre Cardin. His eponymous brand is now in the hands of Julien Dossena, who sent his models down the catwalk in Velcro-strapped motocross boots worn with Japanese screen-printed silks and sculptural wool tailoring. When taken out of their youthquake context, the boots take on a somewhat sci-fi sensibility, echoing the space age period with an alien crispness that feels out of this century. Now that’s what you call groovy.