The Peculiar Perfection of Miu Miu's Pearly Slippers

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Styling by Lu Philippe Guilmette

This glorious slider-cum-slipper hybrid has shuffled its way into our desires for Autumn/Winter 2016

TextNatalie RiggPhotographyMathilde AgiusPhotographic EditorHolly Hay

Miu Miu Eco Shearling Slippers 

Turquoise eco shearling, pearl embellishment

Bonkers. Daffy. These were the first two words that came to mind when sizing up Miu Miu’s cookie monster blue slippers for the first time. This – after marvelling at the bulbous pearls which protruded through the mass of curly eco shearling, fastened by small, graphite-coloured crystals – was swiftly followed by the realisation that these mad, magical shoes were designed without a season in mind. During the winter, they would almost certainly require the presence of pop-socks or a study pair of woollen tights. While in the dead heat of summer, their toasty composition would crave the relief of barely any clothing – only the trace of a silk camisole dress, or lightest of cotton two-pieces, would suffice.

Yet, a style challenge is something that we’ve come to expect (and admire) from Miuccia Prada – who declared that her Autumn/Winter 2016 collection was an exploration of “dressing with what’s left. Nobility and misery.” The aforementioned slides, which anchored tapestry tailoring and evening dresses which brazenly exposed both shoulders and a fair amount of thigh, certainly hammered Mrs Prada’s message home. Shuffling is the new sauntering, after all.