A Sisley Lipbalm Worth Cherishing

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Styling by Lu Philippe Guilmette

We lift the lid on the nourishing lipbalm that you can't afford to lose

TextOlivia SingerPhotographyMathilde AgiusPhotographic EditorHolly Hay

Sisley Confort Extrême Lèvres

0.3oz, 9 grams, no artificial colors or fragrances

It is a truth universally acknowledged that to finish a lipbalm before it vanishes into the ether is the truest attestation of its worth; while a merely ordinary product is often relegated to the same, mysterious realm as Kirby grips or spare socks, an exceptional salve is to be prized in the same manner one does a perfectly pigmented lipstick. One product worthy of such regard is Sisley’s Nutritive Lip Balm: a salve so thoroughly nourishing and with such a superb, meltingly balmy texture, that it is worth investing in multiples (and, at £44 a pop, it really is an investment).

Contained within its translucent pink pot, all sorts of oils (hazelnut, plum kernel and sunflower, to be precise) combine with shea and kokum butters to emolliate, repair and protect chapped lips – but that is nothing new. In fact, there is nothing particularly groundbreaking about its formulation: no wonderful jargon to justify its price point, no avant-garde technology claiming to break the boundaries of beauty balms (anyway, we all know that those taglines are marketing fluff). What is groundbreaking is that it works, wonderfully, and well enough to be kept at arm's reach at all times. Plus, its price and efficacy combined mean that you'll treasure it and, in that sense, it's practically prudent to invest.