What AnOther Loves This Week: Decorative Style

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Be wooed by this week's @anotherloves edit – comprising efflorescent embroidery, gilded frames and an ornamental candle

The opulently embroidered flora which cropped up in Miu Miu’s A/W16 collection proves that there’s a lot to be said for coordinating your outfit with the wallpaper – especially when the wallpaper in question conjures all of the majesty and decadence of Louis XIV’s Château de Versailles. Take this calf-length overcoat in ice cream shades of cream and blush, for example; combining tapestry-inspired floral jacquard with the youthful insouciance of varsity-style appliqués, it presents a satisfyingly rebellious collision of old and new. We’re sure Queen Marie Antoinette of France would agree.

A moment of appreciation please for the admirable undertaking of Mercura Sunglasses, a New York-based eyewear and jewellery specialist creating masterpieces from otherwise ordinary shades since 1976. Founded by sisters Merrilee Cohen and Rachel Cohen-Lunning, Mercura’s mission is to inject glamour into eyewear by way of gems, jewels, chains and other curiosities – a goal they achieve most successfully in this handsome pair of gilded "poodle peepers" from the 1980s.

There are few items as practical during the tempestuous summer months as a slip dress: it can be worn alone during heatwaves, or layered over T-shirts or under jackets when the torrential downpours strike. But, rationale aside, there is nothing more magnetic nor glamorous than champagne silk with super-slim spaghetti straps – so this iteration by Cushnie et Ochs is an integral part of any wardrobe. 1990s glamour meets the contemporary climate crisis. Ideal.

The museum enters the maison in the form of this scented candle by Fornasetti, allowing owners to transform even the blandest of rooms into a tribute to Italian decorative arts. "I am a stickler for detail who loves uncertainty," the artist, sculptor and designer once wrote – a delightfully specific aesthetic niche we can truly get behind.

This decadent green satin tunic by the one and only Ossie Clark is the kind of piece that demands attention – be that at a dinner party, in the permanent collection of the V&A (where a similar version currently lives) or simply in your wardrobe, hanging among the rest of your finery. With its regal red and yellow dragon-print motif, fitted silhouette and pale pearlescent buttons, it's the peak of Chinoiserie chic.