The Divine Allure of a Diorama Handbag

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Styling by Lu Philippe Guilmette

AnOther decodes the glamorous Diorama Satchel, complete with abundant monograms

TextOlivia SingerPhotographyMathilde AgiusPhotographic EditorHolly Hay

Diorama Satchel Bag

Red Dior oblique fabric with black tufted velvet, 27.5cm x 20cm x 9cm

“Nobody has ever constructed a language as rich and clear as Dior’s in such a short space of time”, Raf Simons once proclaimed – and, in many ways, he is right; ever since his death, the architecture that defines the house has remained determinedly true to M. Dior’s original vision. But that's not to say that its subsequent creative directors – from Yves Saint Laurent to John Galliano and Raf Simons – have not imprinted their own mark on the label's legacy, reinterpreting its femininity and transforming it into one of their own creation.

With the Diorama Satchel Bag, Raf Simons’ structural futurism meets John Galliano’s glorious glamour via the house’s 1970s graphics; a celebration of the era when neither J.Lo nor Carrie Bradshaw would be seen without their monogrammed saddle bag, viewed through the lens of Simons’ romantic austerity and the brand's archive fabrications. Emblazoned with that same font which has stamped Christian Dior ever since its inception in 1947, and which has been printed upon leather goods since 1969, it is an astute fusion of the house’s varying codes and eras – and most importantly, it is fabulous. Fabulous enough, in fact, to carry two at a time. The cast of Sex and the City (and their contemporary, slightly chicer counterparts) would be seething with envy.

Hair Hiroshi Matsushita; Make-up Dele Olo; Model Aj at Milk