The Enchanting Philosophy of May Lindstrom, Skincare Doyenne

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We examine the who, what and why of LA-based skincare brand May Lindstrom, whose bio-dynamic facial blends are as delectable as they are effective

Who? Model-turned-skincare doyenne May Lindstrom is the sort of woman that it's hard to imagine lives in the real world: she is so devoted to self-care and love-thyself philosophy that she seems like some strange, naturopath angel. The digital age has produced many women similarly inclined towards discussing mindfulness, blogging about their clean living, all-natural cosmetic rituals and little else besides (it seems wellness has never been quite so trendy), but Lindstrom is a little different: with her bountiful benevolence, she has created her eponymous skincare line which is, quite simply, great. "I am passionate about pure, potent ingredients and about a return to our roots," she says from the small, Los Angeles studio where she creates her products, "For me, proper skincare is about restoring balance. Don't do too much, keep it simple. We need to allow our skin the space to heal itself."

While these sorts of sentiments always sound delightful, often they fall a little flat when measured in terms of their efficacy. However, what May Lindstrom manages to achieve is an impressive balance between organic, bio-dynamic, wild-crafted ingredients and sheer effectiveness. The products work, and her idea of enforcing self-care rituals within our lives is nothing short of delightful. Then, the philosophy behind using the range is summated thus: "be in the moment. Even if you have only five minutes, make it the most delightful five minutes of your day." Again, lovely.

What? The entire range currently consists of only a handful (basketful?) of products, which means that choosing is simple: choose them all. Possibly the most magical (although, as Lindstrom says, "they are not magic, they are better than that") is The Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm, a waxless, waterless balm coloured blue by the blue tansy that makes it such a powerful anti-inflammatory and antihistamine. It is soothing and healing and moisturising, with the texture of coconut oil but scented like a blend of rose, geranium and lavender which enforces mindfulness even among the most frenetic of us.

Then, there's the equally impressive Honey Mud Cleansing Silk, which smells (and looks) like a pudding, but is actually a hybrid cleanser and mask. A composite of raw honey, white clay, witch hazel and collodial silver, massaging it into your skin removes any dirt or debris that might accumulate throughout the day, but liberally daubing it and leaving it for a while nourishes, plumps, and makes your face smell like dessert. Or, in times of complete despair, you can blend it with the also-brilliant Problem Solver Correcting Masque to make a super-mask. When used alone (and just mixed in with a few drops of water), the Problem Solver is an intensely invigorating mixture of cacao, cinammon, charcoal and clay that leaves you positively glowing. When blended in one of May's hand-crafted clay bowls and applied using one of her brushes, it's all deeply luxuriant – and, again, it really works.

Why? Essentially: because you're worth it. Of course it's worth taking five minutes every day to embrace some sort of fabulous self-care, wellness ritual – and if there's any woman to look to for inspiration in that area, it's May. She hand-packs her products ("we lovingly pack each box as though it's Christmas" she says), often includes little notes ("enjoy this with every cell of your being" read my most recent card), and implores anyone with any questions to email her personally. You get the sense this really does mean the world to her; "I worked out of my very small home studio with my darling daughter Talia at my breast in a sling as I blended and hand-filled bottles for shipment for the first 19 months of her life," she remembers of her early days. "I finally moved the business out of our home and into our Los Angeles studio in February of 2014, and hired my first three employees that same week. My tiny dream became real." Who wouldn't want to support that? But also, the products have no negative impact on the world at large (of course, it's great to have great skin but when it comes at the cost of the oceans, or the rainforests, its hard to feel good about), no long-term health risks, smell great, apply wonderfully and leave you looking fantastic. "This is a celebration of our individual beauty," she proclaims. We're sold.