What AnOther Loves This Week: Eclectic Living

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Chanel cassettes, pineapple lamps and tulip earrings comprise this week's amusingly assorted @anotherloves edit

Dressing for hot summer days and balmy nights is so much more appealing when Chanel is involved. Your wardrobe will undoubtedly thank you for these covetable (and collectable) vintage pieces from the créme of the French house's blockbuster collections – now available from cult boutique and e-store Ressurection. High notes include a jumpsuit bearing a miniature Chanel city, a Desperately Seeking Susan-esque black leather baker boy cap, and – our personal favourite – a clear acrylic clutch shaped like a cassette. A runway piece from the house's musically minded Spring/Summer 2004 collection, this weird and wonderful clutch was just one outré facet of a show laden with accessories: smaller versions of the cassette hung from the ears of models and formed buckles on belts and pedants on necklaces, while a Chanel vinyl was also imagined through bags and jewellery. Sound. 

Novelty lamps are a hit and miss affair, but this prickly pineapple lamp from the 1950s is a masterclass in how to do it right. Big, bold and entirely gold (well brass), right down to its metallic-paint-dipped bulb, it is a prime example of the more elaborate style of furniture design that took hold in post-war France – Le Corbusier, it is safe to say, would not have approved. But we do!

Luxury shopping site MyTheresa.com has just started stocking Prada – and the brand new pieces on offer do not disappoint. To celebrate the collaboration launch, we showcased three of our favourites on @anotherloves this week, including an excellent egg yolk-yellow shoulder bag, a red pencil skirt, exquisitely emroidered with gold and silver leaves, and these magnificent mules sporting oversized gold buckles and black fringing. 

House of Voltaire's new Melbourne store is a veritable homeware heaven, boasting a range of artist collaborations. This week on anothermag.com we spotlit three of our favourite contemporary collage artists, and this plate by Australian designers Perk and Mini dished up the perfect homeware accompaniment. Part of a series of dinnerware featuring awe-inspiring landscapes and vintage imagery, this particular plate finds a masked figure floating bodiless around a brooding cliff face and pale blue sky. More evidence, if any was needed that surrealism and collage are the perfect pair.

Yes, there is definitely a theme underscoring this week's loves edit – cassette bags, pineapple lamps and now a pair of tulip earrings, courtesy of Dolce and Gabbana – inanimate objects reimagined as fashion and home accessories are the plats du jour. Tulips were brought to Europe in the 16th century from Persia and Turkey, their common name deriving from the Turkish word for gauze (with which turbans were wrapped), owing to the turban-like appearance of a tulip in full bloom. Each different colour tulip has a different symbolic meaning – yellow tulips symbolise cheerful thoughts, purple represents royalty, white conveys forgiveness and red equates to "perfect love".