First Look: Karl Lagerfeld's Holographic Cover for AnOther

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We reveal the holographic cover that graces a limited edition run of our 15th anniversary issue and the story behind its magical manifestation

This year marks the 15th anniversary of AnOther Magazine – and to honour the occasion, not only do four of our favourite cover stars host our S/S16 Party issue, but the inimitable Karl Lagerfeld has been transformed into a 3D hologram to cover 1000 handcrafted copies of the magazine. Conceived by co-founder Jefferson Hack, the brilliant moving image is accompanied by a 30-page profile of Karl Lagerfeld written by Susannah Frankel, along with an edit of the six Chanel runway collections of 2015, photographed by Colin Dodgson and styled by Katie Shillingford. 

“Working with Karl was a joy,” recalls Rob Munday, the holographer and artist who captured and created the image. “He was so open to the whole idea of being immortalised in 3D. He was fascinated by the medium and the technology and exclaimed several times when seeing the results that it was ‘the future.’” Having transported his 3D camera system (including a specially designed, computer-controlled moving camera) to Lagerfeld’s Parisian photography studio, Munday took a sequence of 50 high-resolution images along a two metre track to record Lagerfeld from myriad different angles, before interlacing them into one special image that's then printed and laminated on the back of a lenticular lens. While some lenticular images can be mass-reproduced, the covers for our limited edition were each handmade, one by one, for the perfect result.

“Karl once said ‘you should never stay still, neither in life, nor in fashion, nor in photography,’” said Munday, “and he rarely looks back. He was particularly happy to see that the picture of his beloved cat Choupette, inlaid into his stunning diamond encrusted tie pin, was crystal clear in the 3D image, a feature that I have preserved in the final lenticular by intentionally positioning the tie pin on the surface of the lens. Look out for Choupette!”

This collectable, limited edition run of AnOther Magazine S/S16 is available to purchase from Tuesday 8th March, 2016 in the UK and Europe at Selfridges, ColetteWerhaus, Do You Read Me, Magalleria, Ideas on Paper, Papercut, Boutique Mags and Magazine Brighton. A supersized portrait of the holographic cover will also be on show for the next fortnight at Colette, Paris.