15 Iconic Moments from AnOther Magazine

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Mia WasikowskaAnOther Magazine S/S14, Photography by Craig McDean, Styling by Olivier Rizzo

AnOther is shaped by its exploration of extraordinary themes and subjects. Here, we delve into our archive and reflect on some seminal highlights – featuring Wim Wenders, Rei Kawakubo, Miuccia Prada and more...

As we might have mentioned, this year marks AnOther Magazine's 15th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, not only have we created an issue hosted by five of our favourite creative luminaries, but today we're looking back over the illustrious archive to reflect on 15 of our most seminal moments. From stories featuring Aung San Suu KyiWim WendersRei KawakuboMiuccia Prada and more, we present some of our highlights from both past and present. Here's to #AnOther15Years.

Soul Windows A/W01
Voluminous hair, radiant makeup and hazy reflections enhanced the wonderful warmth and depth of this sublime beauty editorial, shot by David Sims and styled by Katy England, and featured in the debut issue of AnOther Magazine.

Anna Piaggi, S/S03
When Susannah Frankel interviewed Anna Piaggi for AnOther back in 2003, she presented her as “one of the last great exotics, a fashion editor in the true and traditional sense of the word, in possession of the finest eye and, most importantly, sparkling intelligence and wit.” Nearly four years after the passing of Anna Piaggi, this quadruple double-spread sums up all that was exceptional about the legendary editor and style icon.

Phoebe Philo's Centrefold, S/S03
Directed by acclaimed fashion designer Phoebe Philo, the AnOther Magazine Spring/Summer 2003 centrefold was inspired by the artwork of 70s album covers and David Bowie's Diamond Dogs. Discussing the spirit of her project Philo said, "For me Bowie had the best covers. I love the morphing between an animal and a person, to create something romantic but also very fantasy, a little bit weird."

The Dollar Bill Project, S/S03
To coincide with the redesign of the $5 and $10 dollar bills, in 2003 AnOther commissioned 37 American-born artists to deliver their own interpretations of the iconic greenback. From street art-inspired interpretations to political renditions created by artists from KAWS to John Baldessari, the dollar bill never looked so good.

Tony Serra, Another Thing I Wanted To Tell You, A/W06
Back in 2006, AnOther got personal with visionary American civil rights lawyer and activist Tony Serra. Drifting from reflections on a lifetime vow of poverty to considerations on ethicality, the conversation reflected Serra’s “eclectic, but sincere, heartfelt and enduring” value system.

AM Homes x Scarlett Johansson, A/W08
2008 saw celebrated American author AM Homes take Hollywood darling and AnOther Magazine cover star Scarlett Johansson on a conversational adventure where fiction, truth and magic came together to reveal an entirely unique portrait of one of cinema’s most attractive and enigmatic actresses. 

Hans Ulrich Obrist x Miuccia Prada, A/W08
For over 20 years, the Prada Foundation has supported contemporary art through its groundbreaking commissioning, exhibition and publishing programme. On the occasion of the Foundation’s relocation in 2008, Miuccia Prada invited AnOther to take an exclusive tour inside the Foundation’s new space, and conversed with curator Hans Ulrich Obrist about her personal relationship with art.

Alexander McQueen x Sylvie Guillem, S/S09
For Spring/Summer 2009, Alexander McQueen spoke with Susannah Frankel about his collaboration with prima ballerina Sylvie Guillem. Inspired by one of history’s first known transvestites, extravagant 18th-century diplomat Chevalier d'Eon, the project saw Guillem take on different aspects of the character’s personality, the embroidered kimonos, exaggerated cage skirts and masculine culottes reflecting the gender-crossing fantasies of the flamboyant protagonist.

Rei Kawakubo, S/S10
Rei Kawakubo is one of fashion’s most revered names. Since 1969, the Comme des Garçons creative director has never been afraid to express her singular vision, her provocative collections determining the way we dress today. Stephen Jones, Ann Demeulemeester, Nick Knight, Alexander McQueen and Björk are only some of the people to have been inspired and moved by the elusive Japanese designer and, back in 2010, Susannah Frankel asked them to share their thoughts, and their responses bear witness to Kawakubo’s immense influence. Additionally, words from the famously silent designer herself and Lina Scheynius and Cathy Edwards' accompanying story paint a complete picture of the power of Rei Kawakubo.

Rachel Weisz and Sheena the Goat, A/W11
Not only was the Autumn/Winter 2011 issue groundbreaking in its content, but it also marked the first time in AnOther’s history that an animal was featured on the cover. In fact, cradled by Oscar-winning actress Rachel Weisz and photographed by Craig McDean is Sheena, a lovable alpine goat from upstate New York who was named after Scottish recording artist Sheena Easton.

Interview with Aung San Suu Kyi, A/W11
Since 1989 Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi has become one of the world’s most famous political prisoners and, most importantly, an international symbol of peaceful resistance. After 15 years of house arrest, the Nobel Peace Prize winner was eventually released in 2010. Eight months later author Ed Caesar travelled to Rangoon to conduct a rare interview with her for AnOther. 

Patrice Wymore, A/W13
For the Autumn/Winter 2013 issue of AnOther Magazine, former Hollywood star Patrice Wymore opened the doors to the cattle ranch in northern Jamaica she shared with husband Errol Flynn to give one of her last ever interviews, conducted by Hannah Lack.

Wim Wenders' Document, A/W15
In celebration of the visionary director’s 70th birthday, issue 29 of AnOther Magazine included an epic Document guest-edited by Wim Wenders, where the famed German auteur shared extracts from novels that have inspired him, alongside his own awe-inspiring photographs of American highways and remote drive-ins.

Dover Street Market, S/S16
Dover Street Market, the iconic fashion powerhouse, is moving its London premises this year to a vast retail space on London’s Haymarket. Find out all the details through Susannah Frankel's interviews with Adrian Joffe, Dover Street Market’s collaborators and Blommers & Schumm's portraits of the store’s tight-knit family of staff in the new issue of AnOther.

Karl Lagerfeld: Piece by Piece, S/S16
After Susannah Frankel spent a year following Karl Lagerfeld around the world, chronicling her experiences for anothermag.com in her column My Year With Karl, her mammoth project culminates in a Chanel special in the S/S16 issue. An exploration of the man himself alongside the Chanel Metiers d'Arts, Couture and Cruise collections of the year styled by Katie Shillingford and photographed by Colin Dodgson, the 22-page feature is a must-read for anyone with the remotest interest in Lagerfeld or the storied French house.