"Shine Bright..." A Filmic Rendition of Model Karaoke

Benjamin Alexander Huseby and Katie Shillingford present the festive counterpart to their 70s shoot in AnOther Magazine A/W15

Inspired by "X Factor auditions, 70s country stars and Milos Foreman's film Taking Off," Benjamin Alexander Huseby and Katie Shillingford's filmic counterpart to their 70s-styled fashion story in AnOther Magazine A/W15 is a brilliant testament to the exceptional ability of models to perform. "Both models and photographers are performing on set," explains Huseby "At times, modelling is like being a silent movie actor. I always have to understand who the character is; who is this woman, what does she do?" Here we present to you Shine Bright... the ideal inspiration for yuletide karaoke, and for letting go of your inhibitions over the festive period.