Denim in Ink

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J.W. Anderson Men's Denim SS16Artwork by Clym Evernden

Artist Clym Evernden presents his S/S16 denim series, exclusively for AnOther

If you happen to witness someone rapidly sketching away from the front row during fashion weeks this autumn, there's a very good chance it's Clym Evernden, the award-winning artist who dashes off his fluid, signature ink-based illustrations as soon as the models hit the runway. Here, inspired by his enduring penchant for denim, Evernden presents his menswear jean highlights of the S/S16 season for your visual delectation... 

Saint Laurent
“This Saint Laurent jacket was the most traditional portrayal of denim in the collection, and has a slightly Western shape. Here, I really wanted to capture that cool grungy mood that Hedi [Slimane] evokes in the shows, so the subject looks quite moody and laid-back. The sharp stud embellishment gives it that trademark Saint Laurent edge.”


Craig Green
“I love the way Craig Green has brought denim into a slightly different sphere - a Japanese-inspired style of oversized military detailing. At the show you see all the outfits, but it’s only when you look at the details in the photos, that you see the really interesting square panelling and the layers. You can see in the sketch where I really got into the placement of the stitch lines. Craig’s very good at that, he really understands the precise manufacturing and production of his clothes, it’s nice to pick up on that here.”

Calvin Klein
"I love the way that these jeans have this fairly basic fit, they’re not too skinny or too wide. There’s something really nice about that turn-up detail, it’s darker with a flash of electric colour underneath, and I was trying to give that impression with the darker ink. You'll notice the sweater sits perfectly, riding on the top hem of the waist band so that it’s almost quite sexy, so that when the guy is walking, the jeans slip down, just a little bit. Calvin Klein always get this very specific, crisp, modern look, which I've always admired."

“I really wanted to focus on the intricate detail of these Gucci jeans. They have a very exaggerated silhouette and I wanted to emphasise the way the denim rides over the shoes. The jeans are flat fronted, I find it satisfying the way the front of the jean leg buckles to offset the frayed edge. The lace shirt also creates a interesting, feminine disscord from the denim." 

J.W. Anderson
“J.W. Anderson has an innovative, avant-garde take on denim. There’s so much material around the bodice, so I focused on that section of the body. I was fascinated by the double wrap of the jean kimono belt and the sheer amount of volume in the trousers. I also love the contrast of the model's sinewy arm against a voluminous mass of fabric. Everyone associates denim with blue and I thought the red was a perfect way to add colour to the series. Jonathan [Anderson] has made such a strong statement with the red print on the end of the tie, I prefer things when they’re off-kilter like that.”