Our Favourite Summer Fashion Instagrams

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Exploring some of our favourite fashion feeds celebrating all aspects of the approaching summer

Instagram’s power within the fashion industry cannot be overstated; from the CFDA announcing the debut of their Fashion Instagrammer of the Year award in 2014 (@aguynamedpatrick, whose well-curated feed has earned him 376k followers) to @MichelGaubert’s fashion week photoshoot of Karl Lagerfeld and Instagram founder @kevin, it has become an omnipresent factor in ensuring a brand’s success. By offering the opportunity to constantly refine their visual identity as well as engaging their audience within the seemingly-intimate setting of social media, it is, essentially, the ultimate marketing tool. So, as we enter the long-awaited summer, we examine some of our favourite feeds offering seasonal inspiration.

ZanZan Eyewear
ZanZan co-founder Megan Trimble describes their dreamy selections of florals, interiors and iconic imagery as a “24 hour, continuous mood board,” explaining that their Instagram is “so much more about sharing the Zanzan world rather than just showing look book images or product”. While their brilliant sunglasses are interspersed throughout the feed (through the means of chic still life shots and campaign imagery rather than straight-up cutouts), the brand’s general aesthetic is the main focus of the account. The queen of sourcing archive photographs of people looking phenomenal in sunglasses – from David Bailey’s seventies shots of Marie Helvin to Peggy Guggenheim’s fabulous style – ZanZan’s Instagram is the perfect guide to aspirational summer living.

Lonely Lingerie
Underwear brand Lonely Lingerie celebrate a delightfully diverse range of women wearing their pieces through their Instagram account. According to brand founder Helene Morris, their aim is to provide “an approachable and inclusive space” and the chance to have “meaningful dialogue about our brand and product with women all over the world”. In addition to their beautifully-shot series of all sorts of people wearing the label, they also regularly share images created by their customers, including Lena Dunham’s internet-breaking image featuring the brand last week. “Incorporating these into our content has been a focus from the beginning,” Morris says. “We love to acknowledge when someone creates something beautiful with our lingerie.” Offering a message that is simultaneously politically empowering and visually enchanting, Lonely Lingerie’s shots are a delight every time they appear on your feed.

A.L.C. Ltd
Andrea Lieberman’s brand A.L.C. has created some of our favourite summer campaign imagery around, starring the dreamy Kelly Mittendorf, and their Instagram account intersperses dynamic shots of their pieces with chic quotations and plenty of greenery. Whether you’re looking for sartorial or motivational inspiration, their stream offers an abundance of delights – and with her career as a stylist featuring clients including J.Lo and Gwen Stefani, we feel like any guidance that we take from Lieberman is setting us on a pretty safe path.