Ultimate Denim Beauty Products

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Lipmix by MAC in Blue
Lipmix by MAC in BluePhotography by Chris Rhodes

From lip paint to nail polish, Chris Rhodes brings us a beautifully raw visual guide to our favourite denim-inspired beauty products

Today is AnOther Magazine's self-appointed denim day: an opportunity for us to celebrate all things denim, from beauty to fashion. To celebrate the extravaganza, we bring you a series of our favourite denim-related beauty products shot by Chris Rhodes (while wearing Levi's 501s). The images perfectly capture the raw, everyday quality of the fabric itself – as Rhodes explained, "I work a lot with the daily landscape and its trivial qualities, so it felt very natural for me to shoot this way. It is interesting to remove a ‘precious’ object from its expected surroundings; we are accustomed to seeing beauty products shown within a very glossy representation." From Lipstick Queen's Jean Queen (designed as the perfect shade to wear with jeans) to UERMI's Oh Denim fragrance (a delicious blend of tuberose, vanilla and amber), here are some of the greatest products around to complete any denim look...