A New Kind of Flower

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Dinosaur Designs, Flower collection
Dinosaur Designs, Flower collectionPhotography by Milo Reid

We consider Dinosaur Designs' latest collection through a series of abstract still lifes by photographer Milo Reid

When it comes to chic design Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy of Dinosaur Designs hold the monopoly. Dinosaur Designs has been producing unique jewellery and homeware pieces from its Sydney studio since the late 1980s, while its first London store opened in Soho's Ham Yard Hotel last year. All Dinosaur Designs pieces are poured and finished by hand, ensuring complete individuality, and are defined by their gorgeous organic forms and bold colours and patterning. Olsen and Ormandy began creating signature pieces in resin but have since produced a growing collection of sterling silver, brass and gold pieces in both jewellery and homewares.

Olsen's latest collection, Flower, is inspired by the abstract and sculptural nature of flowers, reinterpreting floral forms as vibrant yet delicate jewellery pieces as well as original objects for the home. Undulating bangles recall blossoming lilies; spiralling rose-like forms adorn rings and necklaces; tall vases flourish like opening tulips and the warm purple swirl applied to the plates evokes the spotted markings of an orchid.

To mark the collection's launch, we asked photographer Milo Reid to capture some of our favourite pieces in his concept-led style, characterised by a strong focus on texture, lighting and composition. "I had a few different things in mind when I began the project," he explains. "I always allow the objects I am working with to lead the direction of the shoot and in this case I was inspired by the organic forms and textures found within the collection. I considered environmental architecture, florals, modern sculpture and images of earth from above."