About MOVEment

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Photography by Sam Rock, Styling by Karen Langley

MOVEment: Where fashion, dance and film unite

The relationship between fashion and dance is long and entwined, unfolding on stages and catwalks in an ever-evolving conversation. Devised by Jefferson Hack, MOVEment sprang from a desire to see choreographers and designers working together in the medium of film, and thinking about the body in relation to the camera. The designers who were asked to create bespoke costumes for the choreographers and dancers are all natural storytellers, with a keen instinct for collaboration and experimentation. Partnered with luminaries from the world of dance, and some of the most exciting and visionary directors working today, the resulting films make for a timely and inspiring update of the long-standing dialogue between fashion and dance. Though they present very different visions, running through each collaboration is a profound and artistic engagement with the body in motion. 

“There has always been an incredible historical dialogue between fashion and dance, because they are both art forms that deal with pushing boundaries and because they both deal with the body. For the video age that we are in, I wanted to make a survey uniting the best of fashion, dance and film for a series of performance pieces, commissioned for the screen and not really about the live element. How would that change the dynamics? It was really important for me to partner with Alistair Spalding and the team at Sadler’s Wells for their expert counsel on making these pairings. Some were blind dates and some were existing relationships, but all were paired to bring something new and original to the table.”

Jefferson Hack
, Co-founder and Group Editorial Director of Dazed Group 

“Dance has always been open to collaboration; it can rarely exist on its own. With fashion, it shares a strong relationship with the body, its movement and one’s sense of identity. While rooted in history, both art forms are equally at the forefront of what’s new and constantly moving forward. The fruits of creative partnerships between dance artists and fashion designers are usually seen in performances that are, by nature, ephemeral, so we were really excited by Jefferson’s idea to crystallise these collaborations through the eyes of highly talented filmmakers. The resulting films are inspiring and we are delighted to have assisted AnOther’s team with bringing the project to life.” 

Alistair Spalding
, Chief Executive and Artistic Director of Sadler’s Wells

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