Kalen Hollomon: Behind The Collage

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Comme des Garçons A/W15
Comme des Garçons A/W15Collage by Kalen Hollomon

Fresh from covering Paris Fashion Week for AnOther, we ask Kalen Hollomon about his craft and the impact of tech in fashion

Testament to Instagram's impact on fashion, Kalen Hollomon's rise to fame has been thorougly propelled by the platform (he has over 80,000 Followers). The New York-based artist has found a global following through his witty and astute observations on the fashion industry, presented in mash-up collages that offer a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of everything from campaign imagery to show photography. After he re-imagined Comme des Garçons, Jacquemus and Maison Margiela's A/W15 collections exclusively for AnOther Magazine, we caught up with the man behind the work to find out what inspires him, and what he thinks of technology's impact on the world of fashion.

When did you start making fashion collages? 
The first fashion-related collages that I remember making were with the early Céline ads, featuring Daria Werbury shot by Juergen Teller. The way I perceived the relationship between Daria and Juergen was inspiring; it felt sort of raw and real in such a glossy world. I'm attracted to the strong imagery that comes out of the fashion world, whether on the runways right now or in vintage ads, in the typefaces and implications of brand logos. I like a lot of its power especially when juxtaposed with opposing elements; collage is an exercise in exploring new ideas for me. 

What inspired the Commes des Garçons collage?
The collection feels so strong, big, serious and beautiful so I wanted to mix the looks with basic foods in an attempt to create fun and thought-provoking relationships. 

What about for Jacquemus and Maison Margiela?
For Jacquemus, the inspiration came from the exciting silhouettes and sculptural shapes in this collection. I tried to communicate with the looks more as objects rather than articles of clothing. With Maison Margiela, I wanted to abstractly mix the new aesthetic that Galliano brings to the house with an idea of an older "classic" deconstructed feeling. Also, a couple were just supposed to be funny. 

What was your favourite moment of the season?
The return of Hansel and Derek at Valentino. And watching J.W. Anderson transform Loewe. 

How do you think changing technology is impacting the fashion world?
Technology is impacting fashion from every angle. Widespread coverage and social media pushes the entire machine to move faster. With new techniques in production and development come great environmental benefits. Wearable technology is becoming more and more advanced and widespread, but there's nothing better then a good quality basic piece – a simple T shirt or a classic coat. Something that's supposed to be there that uplifts the user's life and look and serves a very basic function.  

Why do you think your collages have been so popular?
I don't know, but if they are I'm very grateful