Vanessa Moody on Paris Pharmacy and Maison Margiela

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Victoria Beckham A/W15
Victoria Beckham A/W15Photography by Sam Nixon

We ask one of this season's most familiar faces for her tips on taking off show make-up, with AnOther's exclusive collection imagery

This season, Vanessa Moody walked shows from Céline to Chanel, Lanvin to Loewe. Essentially, there were few runways that didn't include the 18-year-old girl from Denton, Texan – so we caught up with her to find out her between-show beauty tips, and what she picks up at the pharmacy when she's working in Paris.

When was the first time you visited Paris?
I traveled to Paris for the first time a year ago, during the Autumn/Winter show season for a Balenciaga exclusive. At first, I was overwhelmed, but I was working with Alexander Wang and his team, and they’ve become like a family to me now. They absolutely took care of me!

What are your top Paris pharmacy beauty products?
Bioderma for wiping my face; I'm not the soap and water type. A good moisturiser – Avène or La Roche-Posay have great ones. And then, Avène lotion for moisturising my skin.

Does your work affect your skin/skincare regime?
Work mostly affects my hair, as it can become dry from too many products and too much heat. So, every few months, I use a good deep-conditioning treatment. For my skin, I take care with what products I use to remove make-up as well as how I use them, and I do a lot of moisturising! Most of the recommendations I receive are either from the other models with which I work, or the incredible make-up artists I’ve grown to know. 

What’s the best makeup you’ve worn on a shoot/runway? 
The most memorable and incredible was the make-p that Pat McGrath created at January’s Maison Martin Margela couture show in London.

What product couldn’t you live without?
I would say that I cannot live without Bioderma or a good facial cleanser for in-between shows, and before I go to bed at night. Nothing makes you feel better than clean pores.

What do you carry in your handbag during fashion week?
I'm very into good hygiene, so there’s always hand sanitizer, my toothbrush and toothpaste and make-up remover. Beyond that, I make sure to carry snacks with me – but also blister pads or Moleskin tape, depending on what shoes I’ve worn in the shows that day!