Isamaya Ffrench on Ryan Lo's Manga Kate Middletons

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Ryan Lo A/W15
Ryan Lo A/W15Photography by Chris Rhodes

We asked Isamaya Ffrench about her inspirations behind the make-up for Ryan Lo's A/W15 grown up runway woman

While, over the past few seasons, newly-nominated LVMH shortlister Ryan Lo has become London's go-to for slightly bizarre tweenage dreaminess, his A/W15 collection (the first he has shown on a runway) saw a more mature aesthetic that still retained the charm he is so celebrated for: less Princess Peach and more, as Isamaya Ffrench put it, "manga Kate Middleton." We spoke to Ffrench, a make-up artist renowned for her non-traditional approach to her craft, about the weirdest products in her kit and the inspirations behind her cosmetic take on the collection.

What are the weirdest products in your makeup bag?
In my personal makeup bag, probably Old Spice deodorant – it's the only product that cuts through the problem. But, in my actual kit it's probably dental alginate, for making moulds. It's what they use when you get a brace fitted.

What’s the most bizarre look you’ve created?
I painted eggs on Guinevere's face once.

What is your weirdest beauty inspiration?
Everywhere! Less Weird, more Wired.

What inspired the Ryan Lo makeup?
A divine, manga Kate Middleton. And I thought that Tina Outen's hair for the show was amazing, with those Amanda Bynes fringes.

What is it that you like about Ryan's work?
Ryan is one of my favourite designers; I like the dreamy quality of his clothes that still remains precise in their form. The collections are extremely well considered and hold a strong narrative, which I find appealing. And he's a lovely person! I'm crazy about the jewellery made by O Thongthai for the show. I'm putting my order in today, actually...