AnOther Magazine's Fearless Youth: Mia Wasikowska

An exclusive film featuring AnOther Magazine S/S14 cover star Mia Wasikowska

One of Hollywood's brightest and most exhilarating young talents, Mia Waskiowska has defied expectations throughout her career – taking on eclectic roles as a wide eyed Alice in Wonderland, an intensely enigmatic Jane Eyre and a murderous schoolgirl in Stoker. Here, in a film shot by Masha Vasyukova behind the scenes of Craig McDean and Fashion Director at Large Olivier Rizzo's cover shoot, she manouveres through an off-kilter, kaleidoscopic world, dressed in the ruffles and excess of the Comme des Garçons S/S14 collection. And as she contemplates the move from girl to woman, we present our favourite quotes from her revelatory interview with Hannah Lack.

“It’s so unsatisfying to play a nice, sweet girl. It’s so dreadfully boring, and almost painful. I like to play characters that have their own fire.”

“I’ve been plagued by that, ‘Oh, she’s very mature’ thing, but I’m probably not quite as mature as all that, you know. I didn’t have a typical teenagehood so I have a lot of repressed rebellious teen left over. Every now and then I’ll act out in some unusual way."

“Fourteen is that wonderful time in your life when you feel such extremes of emotions, you can feel the most incredible elation. It’s when everything is still possible.”

“I never quite found my niche in school. I was terrified of the more common teenage experience. That’s part of the reason I loved escaping into ballet. The atmosphere wasn’t always so nice. It’s quite brutal. As beautiful as it looks, dancers are the most hardcore people I have ever met. They are so hardcore! Compared to ballet, being an actor seems cruise-y.”

“I’m finding I’m becoming more and more impulsive. The more I jump into things, the less pressure I feel. I feel so much calmer about the future. If films continue to happen, that’s nice. But I'm happy in my little apartment. Now I think I’ll just take it as it comes.”

AnOther Magazine S/S14 is out now. Only Lovers Left Alive is released on 21st February; The Double is released on 4th April; Tracks in released on 25th April.