The Anya Hindmarch Sticker Shop

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Stickers by Anya Hindmarch
Stickers by Anya Hindmarch

We take a closer look at Anya Hindmarch's sticker shop

Who? From her white-gold crisp packet clutches, to her cereal box-inspired tote bags, Anya Hindmarch is noted for spinning luxury into everyday motifs. The latest piece of nostalgia to be given the Hindmarch hallmark is the humble sticker. Created in collaboration with Charlotte Stockdale of CHAOS FASHION, Hindmarch’s sticker shop is now open for business, offering a range of alphabet letters and Emoji symbols. The launch references her upcoming S/S15 collection, which is driven by patchwork and labels.

What? “S/S15 was inspired by the idea of taking stickers that were my schoolgirl version of ‘personalisation’,” explains Hindmarch. “I love the combination of a grown-up snakeskin handbag smothered in leather stickers. For the collaboration with Charlotte Stockdale, we looked at graphics inspired by artful versions of old-school stickers and placements that act as graffiti on beautiful handbags. It is the result of months of design, placement and glue testing.” Perhaps this is Hindmarch’s own take on the monogram trend – this season, every brand worth its salt is giving customers the chance to stamp their own personal mark onto products, with Prada, Burberry, Mulberry and Coach all offering exclusive monograming services. It also echoes the work of Jane Birkin, who famously defaced the Hermès bag named in her honour, plastering it with stickers, trinkets and beading.

Why? Everybody fondly remembers their school sticker-craze, but dig further and the personalised label has a more meaningful history. Punks used stickers as their battle cry during the 70s, safety pinning and sticking symbols across leather jackets and denim. The idea was later adopted by grunge during the 90s, alongside iron-on applique military armbands and Kurt Cobain lyrics. It now sits somewhere between a tattoo and a keyring – a clever marketing tool which perfectly expresses the playful Hindmarch wit.

The Anya Hindmarch Stickers are available now.

Words by Mhairi Graham