Guerra de la Paz for Wooyoungmi A/W14

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Wooyoungmi A/W14
Wooyoungmi A/W14Artwork by Guerra de la Paz

We speak to Cuban artists Guerra de la Paz on turning the Wooyoungmi collection quite literally on its head

Since launching in 2002, Wooyoungmi has cultivated a unique aesthetic that weds classic tailoring with expressive print, resulting in vibrant panels and geometric patterns executed with immaculate precision. The A/W14 collection borrows inspiration directly from the art world, translating Anish Kapoor’s mythical sculptures and Ellsworth Kelly’s stark colour-blocking into cocoon sleeves, felt coats, window checks and jacquard stamps.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the Korean-born label enrolled the help of an artist for the A/W14 campaign, using imagery created by Cuban-born American artists Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz. The duo, who work under the moniker Guerra de la Paz, are known for their almost archeological approach to design – creating colourful sculptures from found objects and recycled waste which echo the same innovative combination of shape, colour and precision as Wooyoungmi. “The starting point was an image that I had of a man visiting a contemporary art gallery,” explains Madame Woo, founder and designer of the fashion house. “I thought, wouldn't that man probably be standing in front of Guerra de la Paz's work? That is what I felt about their art, particularly the pieces using garments to express visual structures and shapes.” To mark the new campaign, AnOther spoke to Guerra de la Paz about their innovative designs and inspirations.

Guerra de la Paz on… Their unique aesthetic
"We got a studio together in a neighborhood which lent itself to scrap items and it was a classic case of being in the right place at the right time. We are often influenced by our surroundings: the sights and sounds of the area and the many PEPE (Haitian second-hand export trade) warehouses that lined the streets, which have since disappeared from within our proximity. When we realised the abundance of cast-offs we would be able to collect, this allowed us to combine our visions and take on a new direction driven by found materials."

"Ultimately, we want the work to seem as effortless as it is complex" — Guerra de la Paz

Guerra de la Paz on… The Wooyoungmi campaign
"We wanted to capture the essence of the brand while focusing on certain geometric aspects within the Wooyoungmi A/W14 collection — details that define both the clothing and the philosophy behind the Wooyoungmi man. This led us to produce three rising curved figures, that resemble the ellipse — a recurring element within the collection — while forming masculine contours that symbolise elegance, strength and versatility. From a construction point of view and for those who find significance in numbers, all of the sculptures structurally highlight a three-point support system. Ultimately, we want the work to seem as effortless as it is complex."

Text by Mhairi Graham