Hotel Posada Mirador, Mexico

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Hotel Posada Mirador, Mexico
Hotel Posada Mirador, Mexico

We've found the perfect place to hide away from the vile English weather - welcome to the vertiginous Hotel Posada Mirador

London is horrid at the moment. The morning starts with a glimmer of hopeful sunshine and a decision to wear flimsy shoes, before devolving into rumbles of thunder, torrential rain and freezing feet. Hastily purchased barbeques laugh at us through spattered windows, and we’ve spent all the rest of our money on panic umbrellas. We all want to escape, and AnOther’s Lovers have found the ideal getaway – the Hotel Posada Mirador, Mexico, an idyllic clifftop spot picked by AnOther’s Social Media and Editorial Assistant Daisy Woodward.

"The process of checking out of one’s home and into a mysterious building with Do Not Disturb signs on every handle is an intoxicating one"

There is always a frisson of excitement about staying in a hotel. The mini-bar may be stocked with Pringles or champagne; the view could be of Streatham or the Caribbean Sea; the sheets musty or riddled with Egyptian cotton – no matter what, the process of checking out of one’s home and into a mysterious building with Do Not Disturb signs on every handle is an intoxicating one. Cinema often riffs on this. In Lost in Translation, her obnoxious husband abandons Scarlett Johannson to the stifling isolation of a Tokyo hotel, leading her to karaoke and Bill Murray, while the institutionalised anonymity is played on to chilling effect in And Then There Were None, as twelve strangers converge on a fog-wreathed island to discover, first, that there is no way off, and second, that one among them is a murderer. Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel is a paean to a lost, perhaps fictional, golden age of luxurious and eccentric hospitality, and its sugar pink walls and precarious cliff top positioning all bear a strong likeness to this week’s winner.

So while we consider booking a last minute trip to Mexico, Woodward describes her dream holiday destination – with Frida Kahlo as a fellow guest.

Why did you love the Hotel Posada?
For lots of reasons – the architecture is so unusual, the colour is amazing and I love the location on a craggy cliff top. Also, it's in Mexico which is top on my list of places to go.

When would you go and who would be your dream companions?
I'd like to go in the late summer, with my mum – she's always wanted to go to Mexico too and deserves a mega holiday. In a dream world, Frida Kahlo would be staying there too. 

Where is your dream travel destination?
After Mexico, probably Japan (Tokyo looks insane). But I'm also always happy in Italy – the food, the people and the art never get boring.

What is your favourite coloured house?
I love Luis Barragán's Casa Barragán which is in Mexico too (the photographs of it by René Burri are great) and the pastel-coloured houses at the top of Portobello Road.

What colour would you paint your house?
If I lived in Mexico, I'd probably join the pink club. In England I'm quite a fan of brick-fronted houses.

What is your favourite hotel moment in literature or on screen?
In literature, The Witches by Roald Dahl. Hotel drama doesn't get much better than witch conventions and mouse adventures. On screen, A Room with a View.

What are you looking forward to about the rest of summer?
A road trip to France (including camping and a two-night stopover in Paris) next week!

What was the last thing you bought?
Henri Matisse: A Second Life, a book about Matisse's cut out years. I went to the Tate exhibition the other day and was blown away. He was so inspiring!