Bambi Stool by James Plumb

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Bambi Stool by JamesPlumb
Bambi Stool by JamesPlumb

Spring has certainly sprung on AnOther, with this gorgeously gawky Bambi chair taking the Loves vote for Neal from Present & Correct

Another week, and another animal chair has won the hearts and minds of the AnOther Lovers, with yesterday’s Easter bunny being superseded by a James Plumb stool in the gawky, legs akimbo shape of a fawn. It’s rare to be rendered awestruck by the cuteness of a piece of furniture, but the incalculable ‘ah’ factor of this particular piece has been too much for us all, bringing back childish memories of Bambi, and handing unanimous victory to its Lover, Neal of stationary haven Present & Correct.

Deer have a unique place in our cultural heritage. As the sacred animal of Artemis, Greek goddess of hunting, they are symbolic of swiftness and agility. In Christian iconography, a legend states that a cross will appear between the antlers of a stag, which shall become the symbol of Christ and intercessor between heaven and earth, while the Hopi Indians believed the stag was ‘the herald of daylight’, guiding the sun to earth at the dawn of every day. Today, perhaps thanks to films such as Bambi, deer seem entwined with the arrival of spring; the timid creatures synonymous with the first, joyful sunny days and ‘refreshing’ April showers. They have also been a frequent feature on – Audrey Hepburn’s pet fawn Pippin, who slept in a custom-made bathtub, was a hit on The Pets, while the indescribably tiny pudú caused an outpouring of adoration on Loves last year.

"Deer seem entwined with the arrival of spring; the timid creatures synonymous with the first, joyful sunny days and ‘refreshing’ April showers"

An overload of non-calorific sweetness then, perfect for the post Easter crash. So, as we consider whether to make like Audrey and get one as a pet, Neal considers who he’d most like to have sitting in his own Bambi chair and gets excited about seeing red squirrels.

Why did you love this chair?
It’s so beautifully made, clearly a deer yet also an attractive chair in its own right. I think the legs are perfect.

Where would you keep it, and who would you most like to have sitting in it?
In the kitchen with Nigella perching on it.

Armchair/stool/high chair/throne/sofa/rocking chair/hammock?
I’ve got a nice Hans Wegner armchair so I’m going with that, it’s a beauty.

What is your favourite symbol/sign of Spring?
I love a speckled bird's egg, coupled with the wondrous cacophony of randy city foxes.

Which is your favourite Disney film and why?
Mary Poppins, it’s practically perfect in every way.

What's your favourite animal to see in the wild?
The red squirrel. I have never seen one in the wild but when I do, I will be very happy indeed.

Do you have a favourite piece of animal stationery?
I have some rabbit shaped paperclips which are particularly fine.

What was the last thing you bought?
A cornish pasty and some book binding tape.

Text by Tish Wrigley