15 Things Every Man Should Have by Tom Ford

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Tom Ford's 15 Things Every Man Should Have
Tom Ford's 15 Things Every Man Should Have

This week, we Love a Tom Ford list

Lists are the best. Whether it’s simply the day’s tasks and the weekly groceries, a friend’s book recommendations or the pros and cons of a life changing decision, the act of taking a clean sheet of paper and noting things down is always head clearing and enlightening. But mainly just for you – it takes a certain expertise to write a list that is fascinating for others. Thankfully Tom Ford is a man with expertise, and there is surely no one better qualified than he – the doyen of style – to opine on the essentials of what every man needs. The result, a 15-point list titled Tom Ford's 15 Things Every Man Should Have, swept the board in the Loves vote for AnOther’s fashion coordinator Mhairi Graham, and has set us all to checking the wardrobes of our nearest and dearest to work out just how many Tom Ford boxes they tick.

"There is surely no one better qualified than Tom Ford – the doyen of style – to opine on the essentials of what every man needs"

Lists are everywhere at this time of year. As Christmas looms ever closer, newspapers are clogged with gift guides and numbered reminiscences – from the best films of 2013, the greatest books and the most exciting new restaurants to the young upstarts tipped to be the Lordes and Cara Delevingnes of 2014. Amid all these examples of mediocre listmaking, it’s a joy to find a set of rules by one of the most stylish men in fashion, outlining in fifteen easy steps how to sculpt masculine perfection from the most unpromising clay. So, to celebrate these much needed guidelines, we ask Graham to outline her own list for things that every woman should have.

Why did you Love this list?
It's timeless. 

Where would you keep it?
In a nice frame in my living room.

Which point do you think is the most important?
A sense of humour is vital. Someone else can buy you the rest, but you need to find that yourself.

Who would you give it to?
Men lacking in 5 or more points on the list. 

Do you think he's missed anything off?

Where would you take Tom Ford out to dinner?
Vanilla Black

List 5 things every woman should have?
A faithful leather jacket, red lipstick, a good pair of heels they can walk in, a LBD and gumption.

What's your favourite Tom Ford design?
His checked menswear suiting this season is lovely, as are the duffle coats. 

What are you looking forward to about December?
Putting up my Christmas tree and drinking mulled wine.

Text by Tish Wrigley