AnOther Magazine 03 | Nick Knight and Michael Clark

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AnOther Magazine A/W02
AnOther Magazine A/W02Photography Nick Knight; Styling Katy England and Sofia de Romarate

In our visit to AnOther Magazine 03, we recall a game-changing collaboration between Nick Knight and performers from the Michael Clark Dance Company

Our third AnOther memory is a collision of fashion, form and flexibility within a decrepit backdrop, partnered with eerie, clownish grins. Stretching far beyond the bounds of a fashion shoot, this collaboration between photographer Nick Knight, performers from Michael Clark's radical contemporary dance group and stylists Katy England and Sofia de Romarate explodes, quite literally, from the pages. Shot in the washrooms and grounds of a derelict sportshall, the dancers flit like stylish poltergeists from bathroom stall to crumbling corridor, engaged in a surreal dance that takes them by turn clambering up walls, doing the splits over railings and crumpling to the floor. With clothes ranging from Westwood bomber jackets, Yamamoto tailcoats and Levi's to cutout leotards and knee high leather boots tapering to a pointe shoe toe, the story thrumms with drama; an extraordinary grand jeté into the avant garde.

Photography: Nick Knight
Art Direction and Choreography: Michael Clark
Styling: Katy England and Sofia de Romarate

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