Martini Glass Jacuzzi

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New Years Eve Party, c. 1960
New Years Eve Party, c. 1960

This Martini glass shaped Jacuzzi, compete with babes in bikinis, has scooped the Most Loved vote this week.

Cocktails and Jacuzzis – words that conjure up visions of luxury and excess. Which is perhaps why this ingenious combination of the two, a Martini glass shaped Jacuzzi, compete with babes in metallic sheen bikinis, has scooped the Most Loved vote this week. Taken at a hedonistic New Year's Eve party in the 1960s, this image was chosen by AnOther photographic production assistant Olena Slyesarenko.

The earliest form of hot tub dates back to ancient Egypt where sizzling stones were placed in natural calderas to heat the water, while Edo period Japan (1603–1868) saw the evolution of ryokan (inns) which offered food and accommodation, as well as popular soaking tubs called ofuro. These ofuro were the inspiration for the first hot tubs which sprung up in American in the 1940s, but it was not until 1956 that the Jacuzzi was born – first in the form of a hydrotherapy pump, invented by the Jacuzzi brothers with the initial purpose of treating a family member’s arthritis, and then as a fully integrated whirlpool bath in 1968 (courtesy of third generation Jacuzzi, Roy). By the 70s the Jacuzzi hot tub was a burgeoning sensation and soon spawned an entire industry – one which has remained vastly lucrative to this day.

"The earliest forms of hot tubs date back to ancient Egypt where sizzling stones were placed in natural calderas to heat the water"

Many films have memorably featured hot tubs, from Pretty Woman and Ferris Bueller's Day Off to Dumb & Dumber with its iconic heart shaped tub, and of course Hot Tub Time Machine. But while most of these Jacuzzi inclusions exploit the rich and kitsch associations attached to the tub, our Most Loved post harks back to the more glamorous side of the 60s: a little more James Bond than Austin Powers. Here we speak to Slyesarenko about her ultimate home luxury, her cocktail of choice and where she'd keep her own Martini glass Jacuzzi...

Why did you choose to Love this Martini glass Jacuzzi?
I just think it is fascinating and absolutely decadent – that's how I imagine old school Playboy parties in the 60s to have been. I don't think anyone today could celebrate sex with so much glamour and taste.

Where would you keep yours if you owned one?
Probably in the garden – it would be amazing to be able to jump into a steamy jacuzzi in the middle of the winter. But then the living room seems like an appropriate place as well.

What would you wear in your Jacuzzi?
Chanel No.5 – I borrowed the answer from Marilyn Monroe.

What's your cocktail of choice?
Surprise, surprise... Vodka Martini, filthy with three olives.

Vodka Martinis are best associated with James Bond. What's your favourite Bond film?
Probably Goldfinger because of Pussy Galore and From Russia with Love with the beautiful Daniela Bianchi.

What would be your ultimate home luxury?
A decadent dressing/wardrobe room, with all the shoes and clothes organised according to colours and seasons and lots of art-deco mirrors. Something you would imagine Joan Crawford to have had or at least Karen Walker from Will and Grace.

What are you excited about this summer?
The new Ryan Gosling + Nicolas Winding Refn movie, Only God Forgives. I am hoping for another soundtrack I can play on repeat.

What's the last thing you bought?
I managed to get hold of the J.W. Anderson for Topshop patent leather trench, which magically reappeared in the store few weeks ago.

Text by Daisy Woodward