Debbie Harry in a Popeye T-Shirt

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Debbie Harry Popeye Shirt, New York, 1978
Debbie Harry Popeye Shirt, New York, 1978Photography by Lynn Goldsmith

We talk to Thea Charlesworth about this weeks Most Loved photograph.

When it comes to female punk rock icons, few measure up to Blondie's Debbie Harry with her platinum blonde waves, red-tinted pout and penchant for catsuits, colour and bold metallic make up. On stage she whipped up a storm in leather and Day-Glo, but in this image – posted by AnOther's photographic producer Thea Charlesworth – she won our hearts, and the Most Loved vote, with a laid-back nautical look, complete with sailor hat and Popeye T-shirt.

Admired for their kitsch connotations, cartoon characters have frequently wandered outside the confines of their allotted comic book page or television screen into other realms of popular culture, particularly Pop Art (think Lichtenstein's Look Mickey, 1961, featuring an excitable Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck) and fashion. Last Christmas, Harrods' window display featured designer-decked Disney Princesses – including Snow White in a specially designed Oscar de la Renta dress and a Versace tribute to Cinderella – demonstrating designers' enthusiasm for the elaborate visual excess the cartoon world validates. Meanwhile, cartoons have also found a place on the catwalk, recent examples including Meadham Kirchoff's Minnie Mouse prints for S/S13 and a spliced Bambi in Riccardo Tisci's A/W13 collection. Moschino have also showcased a number of cartoon characters over the years, notably Popeye's very own Olive Oyl, who has featured on a number of accessories for the house and has even inspired her own Moschino Cheap and Chic fragrance (in an Olive Oyl shaped bottle).

Here, we catch up with Charlesworth to find out why she chose to Love this image – taken in New York in 1978 by Lynn Goldsmith – and who she deems her favourite cartoon hero...

Why did you choose to Love this Debbie Harry image?
I have been listening to Rapture a lot recently and it reminded me what a cool chick she was.

When and where would you wear this outfit? 
Saturday night in Hackney.

Debbie favours Popeye. Who is your favourite cartoon hero?
Can I say Cyril Sneer from the Racoons? His Nose! Or for something more feminine, Betty Boop.

If you were the captain of your own ship, what would you name it and where would you sail for your maiden voyage?
I would love to have an "Apprentice" name like Apollo or Endeavor or Sovereign – in reality it would be something to do with my nickname T-Cup. Perhaps I would sail round the world in a giant teacup. That would be fun.

Sailing, surfing or staying put on the beach?
I would love to ride the waves of Maui but in reality beachside with a book is far more me.

Who's your all-time favourite female icon?
Helena Bonham Carter – her film choices and in reality. She's a style icon after my own heart.

What are you most excited about this summer?
My sister's wedding that's just passed! The office have heard it all.

What was the last thing you bought?
Tapestry shoes!

Text by Daisy Woodward