Stiletto Roller Skates

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Stiletto roller skates
Stiletto roller skates

We talk to Neal of Present and Correct about why he Loved this picture of Stiletto Roller Skates...

With outside temperatures clambering wheezily up to not-wearing-your-coat-indoors levels, there has been a burst of summer excitement on AnOther Loves. Two weeks ago, we found the perfect surfboard, and this week we have found the ideal – if somewhat precarious – urban exercise accessories for the summer months: Stiletto Roller Skates, as Loved by Neal from stationery auteurs Present & Correct. And, by the chicest of luck, the old gold shade is a prescient nod to the metallic shoes sent out by the likes of Jil Sander and Kenzo in their A/W13 collections, making the wearer at once incredibly sophisticated and rarely late.

"This week we have found the ideal – if somewhat precarious – urban exercise accessories for the summer months..."

Roller skates have a surprisingly long history. First patented in 1760, skating took off as a popular pastime in the late 19th century, and its status has grown to the extent that inline skating is being considered for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games. However, its cultural significance is more profound as a hobby rather than as a competitive sport. From the seventies, Venice Beach became synonymous with marrying sport and showmanship, in the form of the nubile beauties in neon leotards floating athletically along the pavements. Since then roller skates, and the girls atop them, have been shorthand for hazy-club based excess, as seen in films such as Boogie Nights – Rollergirl – and Xanadu, where these heeled boots in all their slightly sleazy glamour would have been the perfect footwear.

Here we speak to Neal about his perfect skating outfit and his foot vs sledge quandary.

Why did you choose to love these roller skates?
They are fabulous yet lethal.

What would you wear them with or are they only for girls?
I would go for a unisex look. A big 80s knit, belted at the waist. The fishnets can stay. 

Where would you show them off - among the skaters in the park/wowing pedestrians on pavements/inside only?
I'd hold onto the back of any London bus and be towed around town.

Roller disco or skate derby?
Definitely a roller disco.

What is your favourite mode of transport and why?
I really like walking so I guess my legs. I also love a sledge.

What are you looking forward to about June?
The longest day on the 21st.

What was the last thing you bought?
A pack of Rowntrees Randoms, I am addicted to them.