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Afternoon Angels Laura Marie Cieplik Arthur Morisset
Afternoon AngelsPhotography by Laura Marie Cieplik, Art Direction by Arthur Morisset

A Celestial Fashion Story Inspired by Angels

Photographer Laura Marie Cieplik, art director Arthur Morisset and hairstylist Olivier Noraz combine forces on a fashion story titled Afternoon Angels – here, alongside the images, Morisset discusses the project’s inspirations

Lead ImageAfternoon AngelsPhotography by Laura Marie Cieplik, Art Direction by Arthur Morisset

“This shoot is about the fate of the angels, imagining them in their simplest representation, falling from the sky one bright afternoon and taking their first steps into our world. Among us, only hair knows how to fly.
“Hair was the very starting point of our process and the wing-like pieces developed by Olivier informed the story that we wanted to build around it. The main reference for the hair is Hermes, the Olympian deity from ancient Greek mythology, who is considered the herald of the gods as well as the representation of the angel in its biblical character.

The Tree of Life by Terrence Malick and Beasts of the Southern Wild by Benh Zeitlin were our inspirations for the shoot. Our objective was to depict the powerful bond between parent and child, reflecting its journey through challenges and the enduring love a mother holds for her son.
“Delfine Bafort was cast alongside her son, Ellis. Their authentic portrayal of a mother-son relationship imbued the images with a strong sense of intimacy and reality.

We wanted to combine ethereal and human emotions, from the grace of angels to the warmth of family love. Our goal was to capture the beauty of everyday moments through an otherworldly point of view.”

Art direction: Arthur Morisset. Hair: Olivier Noraz. Models: Delfine Bafort and her son Ellis Bafort. Special thanks to the Maniera Gallery in Brussels