Inside Danish Brand Le Fix’s Ode to Hans Christian Andersen

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4. Hans Christian Andersen Project - still from vi
Hans Christian Andersen Project(Film still)

Launching exclusively at Dover Street Market, Danish fashion label Le Fix has designed a capsule collection inspired by the beguiling storyteller

“Just living is not enough,” Hans Christian Andersen once said. “One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” Despite passing almost 150 years ago, the enduring allure of the Danish author, known for his wondrous fairy tales like The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Princess and the Pea, is testament to an era-spanning appeal – his meticulously crafted narratives strike a chord with generations of youth to this day. Pulling apart and reconstructing the life and work of the author, Danish fashion label Le Fix has now designed a collection inspired by Andersen’s visual works, made exclusively for Dover Street Market.

Benny Brankovic, the Le Fix founder and creative director, and Signe Emma, a visual artist and art director, were given access to Andersen’s original visual work in the archives at the museum of Odense, Denmark. Leafing through his private picture books, travel diaries, sketches and collages, the duo crafted a collection and film that explores his complex storytelling, and the mysterious darkness in his output that demands closer inspection. “Hans Christian Andersen has been an inspiration to us on many levels, both personally and creatively,” say the duo over email. “We were incredibly excited to explore his archives and discover new aspects of his work that we didn’t know about, even though we grew up in Denmark reading many of his classic tales.”

Scans from the literary legend’s workbooks provide a fantastical insight into a remarkably complex mind – his otherworldly figures and collages depict a unique whimsy and mystery, which have been lifted into prints, embroideries and appliqués that scatter Le Fix’s new capsule, while their film brings these stories to life. “Our film can be seen as an introduction to a complex version of Hans Christian Andersen and his creativity. Beneath the surface, a universe with incredible depth is revealed, which speaks of the universally human – of joy, sorrow, humour and tragedy,” they say. ”A world we think we know, but which surprises and moves.”

While over a century ago, Andersen was inviting his young readers to explore the heady human condition through his enchanting imagery and intricate language, Le Fix returns the favour, delving into the intimate, lesser-seen works of the man behind the story. “The hallmark of great literature and art is its ability to enter into new dialogues with a changing contemporary context, and we believe that Hans Christian Andersen’s work is a unique example of this.”

Below, watch Le Fix’s short film, which explores the darkness behind the “glossy front” of Hans Christian Andersen.

Hans Christian Andersen Project, designed by Le Fix, is available to shop in Dover Street Market now.