Christmas Gift Ideas 2022: The AnOther Team’s Wishlist

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AnOther Editor's Gift Guide 2022
Designer Dolls by Mowalola x Bratz

From Mowalola x Bratz Fashion Dolls to luxurious linen pyjamas from Margaret Howell, here’s what AnOther are dreaming of finding under their tree

Mowalola x Bratz (lead image)

Katie Shillingford, Fashion Director: 

“I love this Mowalola edition of Bratz dolls. It seems like the perfect collaboration and instant collectible. I love the floor-length yellow hair with the matching bag. I definitely want to get hold of one for my three-year-old, she’d love it and I would too!”


Alexander Fury, Fashion Features Director:

“My Prada fixation runs deep. All I want for Christmas is an early delivery of Spring/Summer 2023 so I can frame one of these printed part-paper dresses, with their torn-up hems, like a work of art. Look 47, the lily-of-the-valley one, is the absolute favourite.”

Margaret Howell

Susannah Frankel, Editor-in-Chief: 

“White linen long-sleeved pyjamas from Margaret Howell please. The loveliest thing to sleep in.”


Ellie Grace Cumming, Fashion Director: 

“The dream bag!”

Bottega Veneta

Jordan Duddy, Junior Fashion Editor:

“Who wouldn't like a new bag for Christmas, and this Kalimero bag is the perfect mix of craft and luxury design.”


Violet Conroy, Features Editor,

“For Christmas this year I want Teklas poplin sleepwear range – its comfortable, cosy, and versatile. Earlier this year I was given a set of Teklas pink striped bedsheets and I am officially converted, white sheets be gone! Whether its their surprising collaborations with Jacquemus, John Pawson or Stussy, or just their plain pyjamas, Teklas colourful, high quality Danish designs will brighten up your home (and boost your mood).” 

JW Anderson 

Dominique Sisley, Senior Editor, 

“This Christmas, I am yearning for this stunning JW Anderson pigeon clutch. The 3D-printed creation – a tribute to the unsung rats of the sky – has been sold out for weeks, having been christened by many as the ultimate accessory of 2022. And who is surprised? It’s a multitasking marvel: a fully functioning bag, a refined ornament for the hearth, and a perfect summary of Anderson’s artful and playfully absurdist year in fashion.”


Rebecca Perlmutar, Fashion Editor: 

“These Fendi Baguette earrings have a timeless and unique style, and the best Hanukkah gifts are the ones that can last forever.”

La Bonne Brosse

Sophie Bew, Editor: 

“I havent coveted a hair brush for quite some time but the No. 2 Essential Do-it-all brush from French brand La Bonne Bross has me feeling quite romantic – a bit Jane Austen, if you will – about brushing my hair again. Made by the last remaining French acetate manufacturer, its biodegradable acetate composed of cotton flowers and wood beads is hand-studded with Keratin-rich boar-bristle fibres that distribute sebum from roots to ends, lending lengths a lustrous shine. These nourishing properties combined with the ranges cool, candied colours and that twisted handle make a mundane grooming chore that little bit more beautiful.”


Beth Mingay, Photographic Producer:

“I love a chunky trainer, and these ones from Dior are on my wishlist. Easy to wear with everything, and the dark colours mean they really will go with all of my wardrobe (the usual production uniform of black tees, black jeans, oh so adventurous). They would be a serious upgrade from my old faithfuls, which are falling apart at the seams!”


Helena Whelan, Photographic Editor: 

“It’s like walking around in a duvet.”

Margaret Howell

Ted Stansfield, Editorial Director, 

“Oh who am I kidding? Obviously really want this.” 

Dolce & Gabbana

George Pistachio, Social Media Editor: 

“You reach a point in your adult life when your wishlists become plagued by delightful crockery – at least that’s my experience anyway. These plates from Dolce & Gabbana, with their unashamedly camp leopard motif are sure to brighten up even the dullest of meals.”