Soak in the Sun With Costa Brazil’s Warming Body Wash

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Courtesy Costa Brazil

With ingredients all sustainably sourced from the heart of the Amazon rainforest, Costa Brazil’s new, ultra-rich wash offers some much-needed escapism

  1. Who should use it? Anyone who wants to be briefly transported to the wild and balmy heart of the Amazon rainforest
  2. How long until I love it? One pump and you’re committed
  3. How planet-/people-friendly is it? Definitely friendly: all ingredients are sustainably sourced, wild-harvested, vegan, free from animal testing, parabens, phthalates, pegs, silicones, sulfates, gluten, mineral oil and artificial colourants
  4. How do I use it? Lather into a gentle foam over freshly showered skin, then rinse

Francisco Costa was working for Calvin Klein’s creative team when he took his first trip to the Amazon rainforest. Although he was born and raised in Brazil, it took him a while to venture into the country’s vast and unknowable depths – a jungle excursion typically takes a formidable amount of planning. “I was initially supposed to go with a group in 2016,” Costa tells AnOther. “The trip ended up being cancelled, [but] I told the guide I was going anyway. I was just curious, I knew I needed to go.” The long-awaited trip ended up being transformative. After spending some time amongst the Yawanawá Tribe, Costa fell in love, and committed to learning more about their way of life. He saw first-hand the urgent need for conservation, the power of local healing rituals, and the potent miracle ingredients that lay scattered throughout the land.

What came next was Costa Brazil: a line of sustainably sourced, wild-harvested, vegan cosmetics that harness the raw, untapped power of the Amazon rainforest. Six years after Costa’s first trip, and his brand has become revered primarily for its rich, nourishing oils (the Kaya Anti-Ageing for the face and the Kaya Jungle Firming for the body being among the most popular). Last month, however, saw the launch of its long-awaited Sabonete Liquido; a nutrient-rich hand and body wash infused with skin-softening squalane and Amazon-sourced miracle oils. But the real gift lies in its scent, which is laced with Costa Brazil’s signature Aroma: a foundation of spicy natural resins, finished with rain-soaked florals, earthy patchouli and warming sandalwood. Essentially, it’s like bringing the Amazon into your shower (though there is a fragrance-free option for those who’d rather skip the trip).

The release follows the equally luxurious, oil-based face cleanser, Óleo De Limpeza, which came out earlier this season. But Costa is careful to stress that his priority is quality over quantity when it comes to new product releases, to ensure that the sustainable ethos that underpins the brand isn’t compromised. “[When we began], there were very few options in the beauty space that were both eco-minded and mission-driven,” he says. “[Now,] we are changing consumption culture.”

Costa Brazil’s Sabonete Liquido is available here.